FPICOT2239A - Trim and Cut Felled Trees
"The minimum chainsaw course required by
workers compensation legislation"

This 2 day course provides a basic understanding of chainsaws and
the skills required to cut up trees that have already fallen over.

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slider1slider1 Chemical Users - Level 3
Minimum required to apply chemicals

Under government Legislation any person who in their
business or as a part of their job applies chemicals or
pesticides must be accredited in the safe application of those
FPIFGM2236 : Fall Trees Manually (Basic)
The basic course in falling trees
Are you required to fall tree as a part of your business or job? Do
your employees operate remotely and need to clear roads of
dangerous fallen or hung-up trees? This course builds on Trim and
Cut Felled Trees to teach the methods and skills required to safely
fall trees at a basic level. This is the course often undertaken by
arborist and tree surgeons.

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slider1slider1 Non Accredited Chainsaw Course
The perfect course for the hobby farmer,
home gardener or four wheel driver

This one day course provides an excellent introduction
into operating chainsaws in a safe and efficient manner. It provides the key elements of our Trim and Cut felled trees
course for those who do not require a nationally accredited
course or chainsaw ticket.

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Lemke Timber Training has been an RTO since 2006 delivering highly regarded training to the ACT and NSW region.
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Lemke Timber Training has a wide range of courses it can deliver in chainsaws, arboriculture and chemical users qualifications
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