AHCARB202A – Fell Small Trees

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AHCARB202A – Fell Small Trees


This three day course builds on the skills and knowledge of Trim and Cut Felled Trees to teach students how to safely fall trees. The courses teaches students how to fall trees where hazards are assessed as low to moderate. This is typically without a strong lean or structural defect and trees where the diameter at breast height is less than 40cm and the height of the tree is less than 15 metres. The course provides students with a toolbox to cut down trees including:

  • Planning escape routes
  • Cutting scarfs
  • Cutting release cut or back cut
  • Using wedges
  • Bringing down hung-up trees

This course is similar in structure to the FPICOT2236 Fall Trees Manually (Basic) course. Generally this course will be undertaken by arborists students or people working in the electricity industry where this competency is required.


AHCCARB202A – Fell Small Trees


3 days – 1 day in classroom, 2 days in the forest using chainsaws



Class Size

A maximum of 10 students per class – with 2 instructors.


All equipment provided including chainsaws, PPE. If students have their own equipment and chainsaws they are encouraged to bring it along so that they can become familiar on equipment they will use regularly.

If the course is to be held outside of our Canberra location access to suitable trees that have either fallen or that can be felled is required.


Competency is assessed by a theory examination and practical assessment.

Course Award

At the completion of the course students will be issued with a Statement of Attainment and pocket sized laminated ticket that details the competencies they have been awarded with.


We recommend that a refresher be completed every three years.


The cost for the 3 day course is $735

GST is not levied on Nationally Accredited training

Course Features

  • Lectures 0
  • Quizzes 0
  • Duration 10 hours
  • Skill level Beginner
  • Language English
  • Students 25
  • Assessments Self
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