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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is our training nationally recognised

Yes all our courses are nationally recognised units of competency.  Lemke Timber Training Pty Ltd is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO 91379) opeating since 2001.  

Why do I need to do a chainsaw refresher

Great Question! Nationally Recognised Training is for life but the Work Health and Safety Act Requires employers to ensure that their employees skills remain current.  In the 1980’s State Forest’s NSW (now ForestCorp) required anyone operating in their forests to have a chainsaw and to undertake refresher training every 3 years.  This became an industry standard. Now WorkSafe ACT and Workcover NSW along with many principles under contract will require that chainsaw training and other training be completed every 3 years.

How Often do you run courses

We run chainsaw courses at least monthly, if you have more than 2 or 3 staff requiring training please get in contact and we will look to organise a course specifically for your organisation.

Can you travel to deliver training

Yes! However, if the course is a chainsaw course you will need to provide timber for the cross cut course or trees to be felled (if its a felling course). Get in touch and we can discuss it further.

If Chem User 3 like 'Chemcert'

Chemcert is the company that like us delivers the units of competency for Chem User level 3. They have developed their own materials and have become somewhat of a recognised name in the field.  Our course is developed specifically for government agencies, councils and land care agencies/volunteers looking to treat weeds.  The units delivered allow you under the Pesticide Act NSW to mix and apply chemicals on an unsupervised basis.  

Why do my staff need to do a mowing course

In the past there has been no training available for commercial mowing operators.  Mowers are expensive, conditionally registered vehicles.  There are inherent risks in their operation and there ways to ensure that maintenance is carried out in safe and appropriate ways. In the event of an accident, Worksafe ACT and Workcover NSW and other agenicies will expect you to have undertake some kind of training for your staff. If you rely on an induction course then you will need to ensure the validity of that training – which can be difficult.  For the cost, the course is a no brainer.

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